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Earn with games


What is Kinguin? Kinguin is an online gamekey marketplace. Resellers/Retailers of gamekeys use this market to sell them. It is usually cheaper then buying them from known platforms like Steam, Origin etc. 

Now how does earning with Kinguin work? You don't have to sell anything to start earning money. You can simply start earning money with getting a regular kinguin account. You will get an unique reflink which you use to promote.

Now how does the affiliate program earnings work? There are 3 levels of earnings. 1st levels are your direct referrals, when those referrals promote and get refs for themselves they will become your 2nd level and so on.

  • 1 level of earnings: 5% commision
  • 2 levels of earnings: 0.75% commision
  • 3 levels of earnings: 0.25% commision

Where and how to promote your reflink

  • Convince your friends to join kinguin under your reflink
  • If you are an streamer/youtuber make sure to include your reflink in some way. Tell the people you bought the game there etc
  • If you have an Fanpage/Facebook/Twitter or any other sort of social media and show them pictures and information about the games that are on sale with once again showing your reflink
  • Promote preorders with your link.
  • Place banners on your blog/website if you have any

For more information about earning with the affiliate program or if you want to sell keys yourself visit the website